Automating the Process of Data (De)certification with Lineage

Data lineage is a very important part of a comprehensive approach to data governance – it helps with analyzing how information is used and tracking key bits of information that serve a particular purpose. Organizations sporting complete lineage can do a lot of data governance tasks faster and cheaper: regulatory compliance, increasing data citizens’ trust in data and allowing everyone to get a complete overview of how data flow through the data environment – just to mention a few examples.

Join this webinar with Marek Pikna, Customer Success Manager at MANTA and Mario de Francisco, CEO at Anjana Data to:

  • Learn how detailed automated data lineage helps organizations meet compliance and audit requirements.
  • How allowing data citizens to see complete data lineage increases their trust in data they work with everyday and saves a lot of resources to various departments.
  • See examples of powerful impact and root-cause analysis, history revisions and identifying specific data elements.


  • About the speaker:

Marek Pikna

Customer Success Manager at MANTA, working with MANTA customers to provide
them with technical guidance and support during and after deployment of the platform in their environments. Prior to joining MANTA, he worked for Profinit as an IT consultant on the business intelligence team, where he was responsible for developing ETL-related tools. Marek has a Master’s in System Programming from the Czech Technical University in Prague.


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Wednesday 25 November 2020
Event Online