Anjana Data available in Azure Marketplace and Microsoft App Source

Data Governance, News, Uncategorized, 28 April 2021 |

From Anjana Data we are pleased to communicate that we continue to grow and fulfill all the expectations we had planned. More than a year ago we signed a collaboration agreement with Microsoft, and after much effort we are pleased to report that our Data Governance solution, designed to help organizations implement their data strategy in the Big Data era, Multi-Cloud and Data-Driven is now available in the Azure Marketplace and Microsoft’s Source App.

But, what is the Azure Marketplace and Microsoft App Source? Well, both are online stores that contain thousands of IT software applications and services created by technology providers. In both the Marketplace and App Source, Azure users have the opportunity to find, test and purchase certified and tailored solutions to meet the needs of organizations. For Anjana Data, appearing in these ecosystems means being able to offer directly to any organization in the world working on Azure our differential, innovative and disruptive solution of Data Governance.

From a technical point of view, the added value of Anjana Data for organizations that use Azure and its native Cloud technologies as a data platform is to offer an enterprise-ready Data Governance solution, with a state-of-the-art architecture, microservice oriented, modular and robust, which enables high availability and load balancing natively and transparently, compatible with a multitude of deployment and automation typologies, including Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Resource Manager, while also maintaining compatibility with binary distribution-based deployments.

And from a more functional point of view, in addition to all the benefits that Anjana Data offers, for Azure it incorporates an extended integration natively on the main technologies of storage, processing and exploitation of data of Azure (Data Factory, Data Lake Storage, Blob Storage, Azure SQL, Databricks, PowerBI, …) as well as on Azure AD. All this allows the organization to implement a proactive and preventive Data Governance on its data ecosystem, thanks to which cases of advanced data governance can be built such as the creation of a “Data Marketplace” or achieve the “Data Governed Self-Service”.

In addition, from Anjana Data we have included in our Roadmap a series of integrations about Azure Purview, so our solution is also proposed as the perfect complement for those organizations that are thinking of incorporating Azure Purview as a Data Catalog of their Azure platform or that work in a hybrid or multi- environmentCloud and need a more holistic and cross-cutting view of your data ecosystem along with a range of advanced functionalities and added-value features for the deployment of effective and efficient data governance across the organization.

Finally, the incorporation of the Anjana Data solution in this online space is a further step in the strategic collaboration with Microsoft, which began with the company’s incorporation into the world’s exclusive Microsoft for Startups program more than a year ago and which has recently been renewed for another year. From the beginning, the importance of our collaboration was based on defining an Anjana Data integration roadmap with native Azure cloud technologies, establish a joint vision of proactive and preventive Data Governance for organizations that want to go a step further in their data-driven strategy and have access to a range of Azure services. In addition, as a Microsoft partner, we will also have the possibility to market our solution together.

About the Author: Angela Miñana Francés