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If you identify yourself with any of these questions, let us show you how Anjana Data can help you in your data strategy by changing the vision of data governance in your Organization.

  • Can’t you make data governance operative? Configure your entire governance model in the solution and let Anjana Data take care of the operational part thanks to the automation of common technical processes.
  • Are stakeholders not involved enough? Get to extend a data culture throughout the organization thanks to a collaborative and interactive environment in a neat UI with an improved UX.
  • Do you want to reach a proactive and preventive data governance? Anjana Data is the only solution on the market that includes active governance and dynamic lineage for different technologies.
  • Does everything that sounds like Big Data and Cloud seem like black boxes without governance? Don’t worry, those technologies are our specialty and we have native integration for a large number of them.
  • Tired of searching for information without success or waiting for weeks to get access to what you need? With Anjana Portal you can easily discover the governed objects and request access thanks to the shopping cart.
  • Concerned about the use of the data? Discover a new concept for managing access to information through the Data Sharing Agreements and Data Contracts with use conditions and licensing terms.
  • Is it very tedious to keep record of every action in order to be able to audit it later? Everything that happens in Anjana Data leaves a trace and can be reviewed later so you know exactly what, who, when and how happened.
  • Are you worried about the time-to-market and the time-to-value of your data initiatives? Discover the collaborative approach focused on metadata and achieve the necessary efficiency and effectiveness in your data programs.
  • Thinking about a very high initial investment and a ROI for several years? Forget about having to justify monstrous investments, take advantage of our flexible, scalable and pay-per-use licensing model.
  • Worried about the vendor lock-in? We rely on open-source technologies and carry out all our developments in a modular and services-oriented way, always thinking about the interoperability and autonomy for our customers.


We want to share with you our vision of data governance and help you with your challenges and aspirations in this area. Ask for a demo!

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