About Anjana

Adaptive Data & Analytics Governance Platform

What is an Anjana?

The Anjana is one of the best-known fairies of Cantabrian (a region in the north of Spain) mythology. These creatures live in the forests taking care about animals, trees, plants and streams and are recognised for being generous and protective of most people. They use to guide those who lose their way in the forest and, when summoned for help, they accept if the summoner is good of heart, but they may punish the wicked too.


It seems that the Anjanas have some sort of data & analytics governance duties, doesn’t it?



  • Born in Madrid in 2019, Anjana Data is a product-oriented company founded to develop, support and market its own innovative and disruptive data & analytics governance platform.
  • Anjana Data is not just a Data & Analytics Governance Tool, it is the implementation of a philosophy as a result of an extensive experience in data related projects.


  • We are a skilled team of data adepts, both business and IT professionals with wide experience and knowledge about data strategy, management and governance aspects from different roles and points of view.
  • We share a common vision about Data & Analytics Governance and its implementation in a real environment where data has become an important asset for nowadays Organizations.


  • The need of implementing a Data & Analytics Governance framework derives in an opportunity for achieving a better data management state-of-art transforming data in a company’s asset with the end goal of making them profitable in a direct or collateral way.
  • With a real Data & Analytics Governance enterprise-ready platform, Anjana Data aims to help Organizations in their Data Strategy roadmap implementation promoting data democratization by involving every stakeholder under a collaborative metadata-centric approach.