Become an expert in Data & Analytics Governance with the Official Certification of Anjana Data

Become an expert in Anjana Data and learn all about the most innovative, differential and disruptive platform on the market: its vision of Data & Analytics Governance, its functionalities and features, its state-of-the-art architecture and its integration within the ecosystem of an organization.


    Why get certified?

    Data & Analytics Governance has become a trending topic in the current ecosystem of the organizations where data is becoming an important strategic asset for management and decision making.

    In this context, organizations are increasingly demanding professionals with knowledge in the field of data management and governance as well as experience in the configuration and use of leading market platforms such as Anjana Data.

    Take a 360º vision in the implementation and operation of a proactive and preventive data & analytics governance.

    It enhances synergies between areas within the organization, with a focus on automation and self-service data.

    Achieve a fully governed data & analytics ecosystem, all within a single platform.

    What does the Anjana Data certification consist of?

    Anjana Data certification offers a unique learning experience around the functionalities and capabilities of the solution, all through documentation and pre-recorded lessons led by the company’s team. All modules and their content have been designed and delivered by experts in Data & Analytics Governance and the Anjana Data platform, allowing you to gain value from the very beginning until the end of the certification.

    Each module provides the knowledge necessary to assist each learner in the implementation and operation of proactive and preventative Data & Analytics Governance using Anjana Data. The modules allow access anytime, anywhere, making it possible to take control of the learning.

    The new levels are divided into two paths: User and Admin. The User Path is aimed at users of the tool, both business and technical users, and consists of the User Expert level. The Admin Path is oriented to advanced profiles that need to know all the flexibility and customization capabilities offered by the tool and that allow the operationalization of data & analytics governance through a tailored suit, and has the Functional Administrator and Technical Administrator levels.

    To gain access to any of these levels, the student must have first completed the User Expert level (or the former User level) of the Anjana Data Official Certification. Additionally, the levels of the certification are progressive according to the area of work that the student wishes to study, being able to combine levels of both areas to have a more complete vision of the platform. 

    How can I get certified by Anjana Data?

    The different levels of the Anjana Data Official Certification can be obtained through Anjana Data’s Official Training Platform. Once each level has been completed, the student must take the certification exam to certify that he/she has passed all the modules and has acquired the necessary knowledge.

    The exam consists of multiple-choice questions. To pass the certification, the student must obtain more than 80% of correct questions and have watched each and every one of the videos corresponding to the training. Once each level has been passed, the student receives a certificate certifying that they have passed the level via an email sent by the Anjana Data team.

    All levels of the Anjana Data Official Certification have three attempts at the exam per level.

    In addition, the certificates have a validity period that varies according to the level.

    *Review the conditions and terms of each level.


    The certification and the entire agenda is divided into four levels:



    Course duration: 7 hours. Validity of the certificate: Until the next major version.

    Roles, Organizational Units and Permissions - Workflows and Notifications - Metamodel and Objects to be governed - Object Life Cycle, Versioning and Change History - Relationships, Lineage and Traceability - Data Sharing Agreements and Data Marketplace - Active Governance and Dynamic Auditing

    Creation with excel and sending to validation - Approval of validation flows

    Manual creation and mass mailing to validate


    Course duration: 10 hours. Duration of the certificate: until the release of the major version.

    First steps in data management

    Introduction to configuration capabilities

    Designing the Governance model

    Metamodel design (Data Catalog and Business Glossary)

    Designing metadata templates

    Object lifecycle and versioning

    Active Governance

    Proactive and preventive data governance

    Excel design and configuration

    Use of the administrator panel to evolve the configuration

    Advanced user level functionalities


    Course duration: 12 hours. Validity of the certificate: until the release of the major version.

    Introduction to configuration capabilities

    Database model

    Anjana Schema

    Zeus Schema

    Hermes Schema

    Minerva Schema

    Use of Portuno



    Administrator panel

    Deletion of entities through Administrative API


    Coming soon

    The platform also offers the possibility for students to resolve their doubts by contacting with Anjana Data team of experts directly via email at formacion@anjanadata.com or by contacting other students through the Anjana Data’s Official Training Platform forum.


    Within the certification, each level has a learning objective, from enabling knowledge of Anjana Data at Fundamentals level to enabling the student to be able to implement and configure the solution from scratch, taking advantage of all the tools that Anjana Data makes available to organisations and their stakeholders in their data-driven path.

    Finally, the purpose of the certification is to publicly and officially endorse that all those students who have passed it are apt and have the sufficient knowledge and skills necessary to carry out the tasks related to Anjana Data, from its daily use in an organisation to the complete implementation and configuration of the solution.