Value Proposal

Anjana Data proposes a new approach to the implementation of Data & Analytics Governance through its differential platform based on value-added features that foster collaboration and democratization of data

Our proposal

New approach to Data & Analytic Governance implementation based on value-added features

After years of trial and error in which we have seen too many things that simply do not work in the real world, we have gathered some best practices and built a platform to help organizations on their data-driven path thanks to the implementation and operationalization of a 360º data & analytics governance which has to…

adapt to the needs of the organization to deliver the value, scale and speed that digital business demands.
be integrated into the organization, make a bridge between Business and IT and be present in the daily operations at different levels.
be integrated into the enterprise architecture and all data processing technologies must follow data governance standards.
be integrated in the organization’s data ecosystem, as its central axis and present throughout the data lifecycle.
be supported by technology that offers value-added features such as flexibility, agility, interoperability, scalability, … for its operationalization.
have platforms to implement functionalities that allow abstracting data management from processing and storage and help to break with the idea that data & analytics governance means bureaucracy.


From Passive and Reactive to Proactive and Preventive

Anjana Data bets on the move from traditional IT-led passive and reactive Data Governance to a much more business-oriented proactive and preventive approach much more business oriented, which brings multiple benefits for organizations

Technology-agnostic features with native integrations

Anjana Data works as a technology-agnostic common layer for Data & Analytics Governance thanks to its metadata-centric approach while it offers extended bidirectional native integrations over several data platforms technologies

Data & Analytics Governance as an enabler for next-generation data ecosystems

Anjana Data provides organizations with the required tools and mechanisms in order to empower data stakeholders allowing them to implement a Proactive and Preventive Data & Analytics Governance for DataOps initiatives

Hybrid cloud-first data ecosystem

Anjana Data complements and extends Cloud-native Data Catalogs capabilities (AWS Glue Catalog, Azure Purview, GCP Data Catalog, …) to offer advanced features for the implementation of an effective and efficient proactive and preventive Data & Analytics Governance


Technology-agnostic, modular and flexible but integrated architecture within Cloud ecosystems thanks to its native integrations over Cloud-native technologies and services.
Cloud-first approach for unlimited scalability and elasticity by using Cloud-native managed services which also eases services deployment as well as infra provisioning, management and operation.
No vendor lock-in with no black boxes and an API-first approach offering full interoperability as well as tools for extensibility which facilitates the development of new integrations in an autonomous way.
Internal brokerage system for identities management federation and delegation of authentication and authorization on Cloud-native Identity and Access Management Systems.
Accelerate the adoption of next-generation data architectures like Data Lakehouse, DataOps, Data Fabric, Data Mesh and Data Marketplace.
Strategic alliances and partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, Google and Cloud integration partners, working together with Cloud Architecture teams to take prior advantage of Cloud-native technologies evolution.