The world requires a system of alliances
to improve and make platforms as Anjana Data more accessible to customers


  • We strongly believe that today’s market needs a set of alliances and partnerships to enable customers to meet their daily challenges in terms of data strategy.
  • We have a wide and exclusive network of partners so that our customers can benefit from the best services and products around our platform at very competitive prices.
  • We are also open to hear proposals from new distributors and integrators around the world who want to help us extend our vision of data & analytics governance through the implementation of our platform.
  • One of our missions is to actively participate in the education and outreach of data strategy, data management and data & analytics governance fields, where we generally establish close relationships with universities, education centers and associations that wish to focus on these initiatives.

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Technology Providers

We are constantly partnering with technology providers and vendors in order to extend the coverage of our platform by integrating it with lots of platforms and software in an open and interoperable environment

Education Centers & Associations

We believe that data strategy, governance and management fields need to be included in new education and learning pathways inside Education Centers and Associations with hands-on use cases taking advantage of market tools and solutions

Business Consultancies

We act as a team in order to jointly help our customers in their data strategy journey providing them innovative, disruptive and distinguishing solutions and services for the implementation of an effective and efficient data governance framework

Resellers & Integrators

We want to count on partners which collaborate with us in the expansion of our platform through its distribution, installation and implementation as well as giving technical support and professional training in different places around the globe

Our Key partners

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