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Anjana Data is the innovative and disruptive, enterprise-ready Data Governance solution designed to help organizations in their data strategy roadmap implementation in the Big Data, Multi-Cloud and Data-Driven era

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"Data Governance" for everyone

During the last years, “Data Governance” has become a very important aspect for companies in regulated sectors due to regulatory and compliance demands, but in the current ecosystem it needs to be understood as a key factor in the strategy of any organization because of the need to make useful information available to any user in a simple, fast, flexible and secure way.

  • Proliferation of systems focused on data capture, storage, transformation and exploitation
  • Massive volumes of data from different formats and sources
  • Exponential increase in the demand for reliable and quality information
  • Alignment between Business and IT needs
  • Regulatory demands and increased exposure to information leaks (reputational risk)
  • High competition to offer greater added value at lower internal cost
  • Emergence of digital native companies whose greatest strategic asset and the center of their business are data
  • Better decision making in an agile and quick manner
  • Cost reduction increasing efficiency and effectiveness in projects implementation
  • Greater control and reduction of operational risks
  • Build bridges between Business and IT generating added value
  • Transparency of processes and democratization of information in a secure way throughout the Organization
  • Reduction of data silos and promotion of the creation of reputed data sources (Golden Sources)
  • The data becomes a strategic asset and can be used to generate new businesses
Anjana Data named in Gartner
Anjana Data named in Gartner Market Guide as one of the best solutions for Data Governance

The first and only solution on the market to implement PROACTIVE AND PREVENTIVE DATA GOVERNANCE with extended native integration on the main technologies of the major Cloud providers (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform).

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1. Vision

We propose a new approach for the implementation and operationalization of Data Governance based on the collaborative and incremental work of the different roles involved and a metadata-centric management focusing on end-2-end technical processes automation and the objective of turning data in a strategic asset for the organization.

2. Architecture

In order to put Data Governance in the center with an agnostic vision from storage and processing technologies, we have designed a modular, services-oriented, interoperable (API-first) architecture, with unlimited horizontal scalability (native Big Data), flexible and configurable, thanks to the use of cutting-edge and consolidated open-source technologies.

3. Pricing

We want to drastically reduce the inital investment required to implement data governance, that is why we offer a fully flexible and scalable pricing, in an annual pay-per-use mode with no limit of users so that you can achieve differential time-to-market and time-to-value, also giving you the control of the Short-term ROI at all times.


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