Today more than ever, we open melon: Anjana Data presents its success stories

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From Anjana Data we really wanted to share openly with all of you how we answer the typical questions we are always asked after a demo of our Platform: “Which organizations use Anjana Data?”; “What has been their path to implement it and what use cases are they working on?”; “How do we help these organizations and what impact does Anjana Data have on their data strategy?”.

And what better way to do it than telling some of our most relevant success stories, since this way we can share first-hand the benefits that are being obtained by those organizations that have trusted us. With this objective, we will be launching in the coming weeks a series of resources in which we will describe how some of our customers are getting value thanks to Anjana Data, what needs they are covering, what are the use cases they are addressing, what objectives they have set, how Anjana Data fits into their architecture and, very importantly, what challenges they have overcome to get to obtain those benefits.

And to kick off this initiative, we are going to start with a very special success story for us, the Gobierno de Aragón, in which we have worked with our partners Hiberus and DQTeam on an architecture based on AWS.

In the Gobierno de Aragón, Anjana Data is a key piece in the architecture based on native AWS Public Cloud services that was designed for the construction of its Data Governance Platform. This platform aims to make it easier for the different departments of the institution to have a secure space through which to expose the data they have, related to citizens, available to other administrative units dependent on different departments that may need it. The platform makes it possible to do this in a secure and agile way, reducing the time of the personnel dedicated to the management of documentation, so that this is converted into quality time for the attention to the citizens.

The platform aims to build bridges between different departments to promote the sharing of data; the aim is to build this integrated vision of data to achieve a data-driven organization. This is a transformational change that is not only based on technology, but is supported by other pillars such as organization, regulations and standardization. Technology is the enabler of the project, but without the business part it is impossible to carry out the project.

The first part of this project consists of this organizational change, in which the departments cease to operate independently to centralize data sharing, and all this with all the guarantees of security, both legal and technical. This process is materialized thanks to DSAs (Data Sharing Agreements), i.e. through a data sharing protocol.

Once data sharing is allowed, it must go through a standardization process (establishing the same language for all departments), so that the data is homogeneous. The next step is to establish an active data governance framework, which allows all the data available to the platform to be inventoried and controlled.

Find out how Anjana Data has been involved in the creation of the Data Governance Platform of the Gobierno de Aragón by downloading the complete resource. Remember that you can contact us through our DEMO form to learn more about the innovative vision that we offer from Anjana Data.

Access the resources in the form of document and video of the Data Governance Platform of the Government of Aragon.

About the Author: Angela Miñana Francés