Architecture & Integrations

Last generation microservices-oriented architecture, fully scalable and interoperable with native integration over plenty of technologies.

Big Data and Cloud-native architecture

Microservice-oriented approach to provide the required scalability and interoperability.

Anjana Data is the only Data Governance solution on the market that implements extended native integration over the most relevant technologies of the major Cloud providers (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform), in addition to the Big Data technologies with greater presence in the organizations’ data ecosystems.


Extended native integration

Different types of integration for end-to-end automation of common technical processes.


Metadata and lineage harvesting

Automatic discovery and assisted importation of metadata and technical lineage for a multitude of information systems.

Data sampling

On-the-fly querying for the presentation of information samples and data statistics.

Active management of permissions

Automation in the concession of privileges and the implementation of data access policies.

Data structures management

Automation in the creation, modification and deletion of data structures and storage points.

External audit of processes

Monitorization of data platform activity logs to obtain dynamic lineage and control data access.

Other integrations

Different integrations with platforms, systems and technologies for supporting data management.

Data platforms-agnostic vision

Anjana Data abstracts data management and governance from data storage, processing and operating platforms.


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