Why Anjana Data?

Discover why it is a differential, innovative and disruptive data & analytics governance platform


Collaborative metadata-centric approach for Data & Analytics Governance Framework implementation

  • We understand data as a strategic asset for every organization and, as such, it must be managed and governed effectively and efficiently in order to generate knowledge from the correct use of information.
  • Definition of a global framework adapted to the organization and its characteristics, aligned with the corporate strategy, which may be evolved in an agile and flexible manner over time, in order to adapt it to specific needs.
  • Roles-based collaborative approach to extend the data culture throughout the organization, in a way that data governance is no longer exclusive to a number of areas but becomes a responsibility of all stakeholders.
  • Centralized management of metadata in a way that is agnostic to capture, storage and exploitation technologies, creating a common and universal language to abstract data management from data processing.
  • Implementation of proactive and preventive data governance in an incremental and iterative way in order to improve synergies between areas, focusing on the automation of technical processes to achieve cost savings and support data self-service.


Big Data native, services-oriented, scalable and interoperable, based on consolidated open-source technologies

Centralized metadata repository: Based on consolidated open-source technologies, with an integrated enterprise-ready layer and a large open ecosystem of accelerators.

Services-oriented: Features designed as independent services that interact with each other within a common framework to leverage the decoupling of modules and the reuse of software pieces.

Configuration and flexibility: Fully configurable capabilities and functionalities to adapt the solution to the defined governance model and organization’s needs over time.

Interoperability through API: Fully documented API layer to interact with Anjana Data and integrate the solution into any technological scenario, avoiding vendor lock-in and enhancing in-house developments.

Native integration: We develop specific connectors and methods for native integration with different platforms and technologies with a main focus on Big Data, Cloud-native and new technologies to ease automated active governance.


Low initial investment, flexible and scalable pay-per-use licensing with no users limit

We adapt our business model to the latest tendencies and break the entry barrier for this type of platforms with a flexible and scalable licensing model:

  • Low initial investment: We eliminate the cost of acquiring software licenses and the initial investment will correspond to the time we have to dedicate to the complete implementation of the solution.
  • Complete and reliable implementation: Infrastructure and architecture assessment, design proposal, deployment of all services in production, configuration of the platform based on your governance model and initial training plan for immediate use. In this way we will reduce time-to-market and time-to-value.
  • Pay-per-use: Annual licenses according to the number of objects governed, with no users limit. There are several licensing bundles but all include the use of available modules as well as new updates, a basic remote support via ticketing tool and guarantees access to the Customer Portal with access to all useful documentation available and visibility of the Roadmap.
  • Incremental and iterative approach: Based on use cases, we propose a controlled and escalated implementation, so that you only pay for what you actually use and not for a complete platform that you do not get all the benefits from.


This pricing model is designed to cover from companies whose data needs are smaller to large multinational corporations that need to govern their data  & analytics proactively to get value for business. For this reason, Anjana Data adjusts to the needs of each organization so as not to require a huge initial investment, so that you can have control at all times in the short/medium term of the resulting ROI.