Anjana Data

It's not just a Data Governance tool,
is the implementation of a philosophy as a result of an extensive experience in data related projects


New approach for data governance implementation based on added-value characteristics


After years of try and failure where we have seen too many times too many things that simply do not work in the real world, we have put a bunch of best practices together and built a solution to help organizations in their data-driven journey according to the following mantras:

  • Create a data culture across the whole organization.
  • Bridge the gap between Business and IT worlds.
  • Abstract data management from data processing and storage.
  • Break the idea that data governance means bureaucracy.
  • Give the required flexibility, agility and adaptability.
  • Interoperability, scalability, no vendor lock-in, pay-per-use, …


The right implementation of a data governance framework using Anjana Data will led organizations to achieve multiple benefits:

  • Speed time-to-market and time-to-value for your data initiatives.
  • Better decision making thank to the use of better-quality governed data.
  • Enable data democratization to leverage self-service analytics.
  • Create new monetization scenarios by extracting value from data.
  • Reduce operations costs by increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Avoid huge fines derived from data regulation non-compliance.
  • Create actionable knowledge for competitive advantage generation.
  • Align data strategy with your organization strategy.
  • Empower data stakeholders to create a better data culture.


Flexible pricing
Unlimited users

Initial cost for the roll-out that includes infrastructure assessment, solution deployment, set-up and configuration as well as basic training

Flexible annual license according to the number of governed objects with all updates included, remote support and access to the Customer Portal

Defined roadmap
Constant updates

Solution in constant evolution with bugs fix warranty in 1 month maximum and new releases every 3 months (minors) and 12 months (majors)

Global network of partners for the integration with new technologies and a wide and specialized service offering anywhere in the world

Professional support
Specialized Training

Through the Customer Portal you will have access to our remote support tool as well as all available documentation and user guides

Extensive training offering both face-to-face and remote not only for the solution but also in different areas of data governance

Keep calm and let Anjana Data handle it!


Choose an On-Premise, Cloud or hybrid environment for Anjana’s services deployment and running

After an individual assessment, we will recommend you several technical scenarios based on your needs

Let us handle the deployment with our skilled professionals working along with your IT teams


Configure your data governance model in the solution during the set-up to fit your needs

Integrate Anjana Data with different systems and make its API services available to other solutions

We will help you in performing an enclosed business pilot or case of use for a quick proof of concept


Easy to use in a very intuitive way focusing on an improved user experience and user interface

Basic functional training is included during the set-up while specific certifications are offered too

User guides, use cases, webinars, whitepapers, wiki, … are available through the Customers Portal


Enterprise-ready solution built over open-source technologies making it easy to administer and operate

Basic technical training is included during the installation while specific certifications are offered too

Technical documentation including administration and operation manuals will be at your disposal in the Customers Portal

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