What should you expect from a Data Governance & Analytics dashboard?

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Find out from Anjana Data what are the key characteristics of an effective Data Governance & Analytics according to Gartner.

To achieve the goal of turning data into a strategic asset of the organization, Anjana Data proposes the implementation and operationalization of a flexible and business-oriented Data Governance & Analytics framework, with a proactive and preventive approach based on the collaborative and incremental work of the different roles involved. Additionally, at the technical layer, we promote a common and unified metadata management with a focus on end-2-end automation of common technical processes in order to reduce manualities, avoid errors and save costs while increasing the efficiency, solvency and assurance of data teams.

In line with our vision, Gartner offers the following keys to effective Data Governance and Analytics:

  • Support communication and data sharing between different stakeholders in the organisation.
  • Drive meaningful results by establishing critical priorities, business processes, key business indicators and data and analytics metrics.
  • Govern D&A initiatives by assessing the effectiveness of your data and analytics dashboard and the extent to which this improves the organisation’s information culture.

Find out all the details in Gartner ‘Quick Answer:What You Should Expect From Your Data and Analytics Governance Dashboard’ which you can access below.

About the Author: Angela Miñana Francés