Anjana Data and AWS strengthen their partnership to help organizations with their Data Governance strategy

Articles, News, 25 January 2023 |

Anjana Data has obtained the Foundational Technical Review (FTR) from AWS, which certifies that the platform meets all the requirements of adaptability and flexibility that make it possible to work well with the AWS Cloud. This not only establishes a seal of assurance for any Anjana Data and AWS customer but also positions Anjana Data as one of the AWS recommended Data Governance & Analytics Platforms within the category that AWS recognised as Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and qualifies it to be part of a number of specific AWS partner programmes for the acceleration of their joint business.

Thus, Anjana Data and AWS take another step forward in their partnership agreement after 3 years of working together. The reason for the success of this collaboration and the commitment of both companies to take it to the next level is that Anjana Data and AWS share the goal of helping organizations in their Data Strategy with a common vision: “Organizations that do not use innovative technologies as enablers of a modern and flexible approach to the implementation and operationalization of their Data Governance & Analytics frameworks will be at risk in the short term”.

This new agreement comprises the following lines of work, in addition to those already being worked on jointly by the two companies:

  • Development of a value proposition to offer our customers our shared vision through the implementation of a complete, innovative and differential solution, fully integrated natively on AWS.
  • Design, development and availability of new integration mechanisms between different parts of AWS and Anjana Data, such as the evolution of existing integrations with IAM, Glue Catalog and Lake Formation or the development of new integration parts with DataZone and Cloud Trail.
  • Availability of different Anjana Data offerings in the AWS Marketplace, especially boosting the SaaS offering, so that AWS customers can have a much richer Anjana Data deployment experience and can also benefit from the advantages offered by AWS to its customers who are consumers of Marketplace applications.
  • Design and development of a specific business and commercial plan thanks to which our clients will be able to benefit not only from the power of the solutions of both companies but also from credits, discounts and joint adoption and support plans.
  • Launch of joint marketing and communications actions to position our joint value proposition in the market, also giving visibility to the success stories already achieved in our joint customers.

In terms of the joint value proposition, a Data Governance & Analytics Platform such as Anjana Data has all the elements of governance and orchestration of the flows of a governance operating model, which is where the roles exercise responsibility for the data. The AWS cloud lacks these functions, but it provides great value in knowing what happens to the data (how it is used, who uses it, where it moves, what that data is and its classification) and all that happens to the data gives us a real and dynamic view of its lifecycle within the cloud environment. All this information is of great value to incorporate into Anjana Data, unifying both visions and capabilities. In this context, the highlights of the Anjana Data and AWS value proposition are:

  • Anjana Data complements and extends the capabilities of the cloud-native Data Catalog (AWS Glue Catalog) to offer advanced features for the implementation of proactive and preventive, as well as effective and efficient Data Governance (automation of common technical processes). Therefore, we can say that Anjana Data establishes a business-oriented and technology-agnostic governance layer that extends to the entire organization (technical and non-technical users) the possibility of using all these capabilities.
  • Anjana Data’s Data Sharing Agreements allow users to request access to the data they are interested in within a complete, governed Data Marketplace ecosystem. Through the use of plug-ins, we can leverage the power of Anjana Data and its integration with IAM and Lake Formation to allow such requests to be made on the AWS platform in an automated and controlled manner.
  • Anjana Data can provide through plugins that interact with the Apis of the different parts of AWS, both labels and specific columns (Personal Information, Sensitive, etc) interacting with Glue Catalog and Lake Formation from the Anjana Data Glossary and Data Catalog.
  • Similarly, in the other direction, the Anjana Data APIs can be invoked from the various pieces of AWS to provide the governance layer with all the low-level data management information that allows non-technical users to have visibility into what is happening with data assets on the AWS platform.

About the Author: Angela Miñana Francés