Anjana Data + Innova – tsn

Innova and Anjana Data join forces to offer the market a disruptive solution in Data Governance

The importance of our partnership

  • Innova-tsn experience in the design and implementation of cloud architectures and in the exploitation of data throughout its life cycle, together with the power and flexibility of Anjana as a data governance solution, will allow us to offer solutions that are fully adapted to each client, helping them to establish a proactive and preventive data governance culture.
  • Anjana Data is a solution based on centralized metadata management, abstracting from data capture, management and storage technologies, just as Innova-tsn is a technology agnostic company; with this partnership, we are able to offer an effective Data Governance solution to all customers, regardless of the architecture they work on or the technologies they use. Technology is always a tool to achieve our customers’ objectives, not a constraint.
  • This alliance stems from a shared understanding of data as a fundamental business asset. It also represents a mutual commitment to work towards offering Data Governance solutions that enable each of our clients’ users to extract the full value of data and base every decision on secure, properly managed and governed end-to-end data.