Anjana Data and Aqtiva join forces to offer the market a differential proposal in the field of Governance and Data Quality solutions in Big Data and Cloud environments

News, Partnerships, 26 March 2021 |

At Anjana Data we believe that the business world requires a system of partnerships to improve in the Data-Driven Era and that is why we are constantly looking for collaborations with other organizations that share our vision, philosophy and values to make innovative and disruptive solutions in the field of data management more accessible. In this sense, in early 2021, We signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Aqtiva to natively integrate our data governance and data quality solutions and to jointly promote our disruptive vision of data management in organizations.

Aqtiva proposes the first native Big Data Quality solution that applies Artificial Intelligence by providing better data management during intake (data intake) to ensure the quality of data in real time. The tool offered by Aqtiva allows to process large volumes of data in streaming, adapting to the business demands where the quality of the data is essential for the correct functioning of the Artificial Intelligence.

At Anjana Data we also focus on data as strategic assets of organizations, offering a Data Governance solution for the Big Data era, Multi Cloud and Data-Driven that helps organizations to operationalize their data strategies through the implementation of a proactive and preventive Data Governance.

For Anjana Data, joining forces with Aqtiva means being able to offer its customers an innovative Data Quality solution developed by a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive technical knowledge of the data world. On the part of Aqtiva, the objective of this partnership is to focus on the need for an effective and efficient Data Government with a holistic vision that promotes quality data within organizations.

About the Author: Angela Miñana Francés