Anjana Data and UNIR join forces to offer practical training in Data Governance to the students of the Internet University

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At Anjana Data we believe in talent and in working constantly to achieve objectives. Now, more than ever, continuous practical training at executive level and with a strategic vision has become critical for organizations and the people who make them up. For this reason, Anjana Data is very happy to announce the collaboration agreement we have closed with UNIR, the internet university.

UNIR is an official university, 100% online, privately owned and managed. The International University of La Rioja offers degrees that are fully valid and official in Spain and throughout the European Higher Education Area. As part of the Proeduca Group, UNIR is present in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Bolivia, although its virtual nature allows it to have students in more than 90 countries.

From now on, and thanks to the union of both organizations, UNIR students will be able to do their internships, face-to-face or virtual, at Anjana Data. All of this with the aim of getting to know the operation of the most innovative and differential business solution for data governance with a totally disruptive approach, a state-of-the-art architecture and a licensing model adapted to the current needs of companies of any sector, any size and any degree of maturity. Additionally, Anjana Data will have access to the Job Fairs organized by UNIR and to all its Employment Portal, with the aim of following the talent recruitment project.

From 22 September 2021, four of UNIR’s Business Intelligence Master’s students will join Anjana Data in order to learn about the objectives of Data Governance and its impact on decision-making in organizations.

During their stay at Anjana Data, they will develop dashboards for monitoring data governance in an organization: metrics and graphs to measure the status of the implementation, detection of improvement opportunities, management of the impact of data governance in the organization, alerts of problems and incidents, etc. Additionally, they will put into practice the creation of dashboards for data valuation and monetization initiatives: metrics and graphs to measure the value of an organization’s data assets.

All of them will have the opportunity to do an internship with Data Governance professionals in a growing company. At Anjana Data we are proud to be part of an initiative that promotes practical training in organizations that are committed to development and innovation.


About the Author: Angela Miñana Francés