Anjana Data announces the launch date of the new training modules of its official and public certification

Articles, News, 1 July 2021 |

Anjana Data launches two of the new levels of its Official and Public Certification with the aim of continuing to offer learning at its different levels on the most innovative and disruptive solution for Data Governance. The purpose of this study is to guarantee that all those students who have passed it are qualified and have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the tasks related to Anjana Data, from its daily use in an organization to the implementation and complete configuration of the solution.

The new levels are Advanced and Configuration Administrator. Both will be available from Friday, July 16, 2021, at 12:00 hours through the Formación Hadoop platform, and registrations must be made only through the form that is available in the section of ‘CERTIFICATION‘ of the website of Anjana Data.

Anjana Data Certification has become another lever of the company to transfer to the organizations and their stakeholders the importance of data in the current era to have useful and quality information that allows it to be used in a simple way, fast, flexible and safe allowing you to make better decisions. In addition, offering all the training through pre-recorded online sessions, led by professionals experts in Data Governance.

The operation of the Anjana Data Official Certification is divided into two clearly differentiated areas: functional and technical. The first (functional) refers to the Advanced and Expert levels of certification, which are aimed at the knowledge and practical use of the solution. While, the second (technical), encompasses two clearly differentiated paths between Administrator, which is divided into Configuration Administrator and Platform Administrator, and Developer.

In order to gain access to any of these levels, the student must first have taken the User Level of the Official Anjana Data Certification. In addition, the levels of certification are progressive according to the area of work you want to study and you can also combine levels of both areas to have a more complete view of the solution.

Anjana Data is the business, innovative and disruptive solution for the Data Government, designed to help organizations implement their data strategy. The training offered by the Anjana Data certification aims to make the student be able to help the entity in its data-driven path with a more general vision of what it means to implement a Data Governance program in an organization thanks to Anjana Data.

About the Author: Angela Miñana Francés