Anjana Data promotes its official and public certification with its first online training module taught by experts in Data Governance

News, 22 February 2021 |

Anjana Data launches its own official and public certification with the aim of offering a unique learning experience through pre-recorded sessions led by experts in Data Governance. The purpose of this certification is to guarantee that all those students who have passed it are apt and have the sufficient knowledge and skills necessary to carry out the tasks related to Anjana Data, from its daily use in an organization to the complete implementation and configuration of the solution.

In addition, Anjana Data’s certification becomes one more lever for the company to convey to organizations and their stakeholders the importance of data in the current era in order to have useful and quality information that can be used in a simple, fast, flexible and secure way to make better decisions.

The Anjana Data certification will be available through the Formación Hadoop platform from 1 March 2021. and has different learning levels. Each level includes a series of modules that provide the student with the necessary tools to understand from the most basic concepts that encompass Data Governance to the most complex ideas. This training is complemented by a final exam at each level that must be passed by the student in order for them to acquire their accreditation certificate and continue progressing with the rest of the modules.

The levels that can be obtained (from lowest to highest) are as follows: USER, ADVANCED, EXPERT, ADMINISTRATOR AND DEVELOPER. Initially, the launch is only of the first level (user), but the content of the other levels will be uploaded over the coming months.

The knowledge that students will acquire revolves around the operation of the Anjana Data governance solution, the basic concepts that underpin its vision, its modules and functionalities, configuration capabilities and its new generation architecture, among other things. All this with the possibility of having constant access to professional experts in Data Governance and in the solution for the resolution of doubts. In addition, students will be able to interact with each other to exchange training information through the consultation forum.

Anjana Data is the innovative and disruptive enterprise solution for Data Governance; designed to assist organizations in the implementation of their data strategy. The training offered by the Anjana Data certification aims to enable the learner to be able to help the entity in its data-driven journey with a more general vision of what it means to implement a Data Governance programe in an organization thanks to Anjana Data.

Do you want to know more about Anjana Data certification? You can find all the information on the website.

About the Author: Angela Miñana Francés