AWS relies on Anjana Data to drive innovation and Data Governance within large enterprises

News, 28 September 2021 |

Last Tuesday, 22 September 2021, AWS has organized for some of its main customers an event focused on open innovation, defined as “the use of internal and external knowledge flows to accelerate internal innovation and expand markets for the external use of such innovation”. In this event, Anjana Data was one of the invited companies and we had the opportunity to present our innovative, differential and disruptive solution.

The online event ‘AWS Open Innovation Days’ promoted by AWS was held with the aim of boosting innovation in large companies with the help of the most disruptive startups and software vendors (ISVs) in the region. The event was also attended by Mattia Gamberoni, FSI Leader in South EMEA (AWS), who led the introduction to the session, highlighting the importance of not stopping innovating even when you are a leader in innovation.

On behalf of Anjana Data, Mario de Francisco Ruiz, CEO of the company, was responsible for presenting the company and its solution, focusing on how Anjana Data can help organizations that use AWS to implement a proactive and preventive Data Governance.

Anjana Data CEO’s presentation started with two questions addressed to all attendees: How many of you want your organization to become DATA-DRIVEN? How many of you think that your organization is really DATA-DRIVEN (or is close to it)? You can imagine the answers…

To become DATA-DRIVEN you need Data Governance at the service of Data Management as a strategic asset of the organization. Hence our motto: “Anjana Data is not just a Data Governance tool, it is the implementation of a philosophy as a result of extensive experience in data related projects”.

Mario then shared with the audience the 3 differential pillars of Anjana Data: Vision, Architecture and Pricing; and reviewed some of the most relevant use cases that his clients are implementing thanks to his solution, which include organizations of different geographies, sectors, sizes and degrees of maturity in terms of data management.

Finally, he stressed how important it is for a software product-oriented company such as Anjana Data, its ecosystem of partners, among which are some of the most relevant Cloud providers, software manufacturers, business consultants, technology integrators and associations in the field of Data worldwide.

This type of joint action demonstrates the commitment of companies like AWS and Anjana Data to collaborate to help organizations in their digital transformation thanks to a better use of data.


About the Author: Angela Miñana Francés