IE School of Human Sciences and Technology and Anjana Data join forces to teach innovative data strategies for governance

News, partnerships, press release, 24 April 2020 |

IE & Anjana


IE School of Human Sciences and Technology (HST) and Anjana Data have started a collaboration to promote educational activities that encourage technological innovation and content related to Data Governance.


Aware of the growing need for organizations to receive executive-level training, IE School of Human Sciences and Technology (HST) offers a learning ecosystem that trains professionals with the objective of preparing them to make positive changes in their organizations. For this reason, IE HST and Anjana Data, the Data Governance solution for the Big Data and Multi-Cloud era, have joined to teach practical training content that includes real experiences and use cases of Data Governance.

IE School of Human Sciences and Technology is committed to an innovative and differential solution to provide added value to its students, while Anjana Data is sharing their disruptive vision of data governance to strengthen data strategies within organizations.

Their first action will be the participation of Anjana Data as a Technology Partner in the Programs offered by HST, one of them is the “EXECUTIVE MASTER IN DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION & INNOVATION LEADERSHIP” with an educational license from Anjana Data (SaaS mode) through a series of interactive use cases.


In this educational offering, Ana Melcón Sanjuán (Head of Product & Software Development) and Mario de Francisco Ruiz (CEO), both members of the Anjana Data team, will participate by presenting the Data Governance solution to the students and proposing a series of practical cases to be developed to bring students closer to real world applications.

The proposal of contents and resources on Data Governance created by IE School of Human Sciences and Technology and Anjana Data will include:

  • The joint organization of the webinar “Turning DATA into a strategic asset: The “collaborative metadata-centric approach for Data Governance implementation” with Mario de Francisco Ruiz as speaker.
  • The preparation of a series of joint events and webinars on data management and data governance.
  • The extension of case studies and educational licenses for interactive cases to other HST Programs.
  • Participation of Ana Melcón Sanjuán and Mario de Francisco Ruiz in masterclasses within different HST Programs.
About the Author: Angela Miñana Francés