Discover all the details of the Tiers benefits and the requirements to reach each Tier of the new Anjana Data Partner Programme

Partnerships, 3 March 2022 |

Anjana Data we strongly believe that today’s market needs a set of partnerships and collaborations for organizations to meet their daily challenges in terms of data strategy. In this sense, we work hand in hand with our partners to bring our Data Governance solution through its distribution, installation and implementation, giving technical support to our customers with the ultimate goal of getting value out of their data by helping them to operationalise their data strategy and being a key piece in the goal of becoming a Data-driven organization.

Anjana Data would like to announce that we have redefined our Partner Programme. In this new Partner Programme we classify our partners in different Tiers, depending on the requirements they fulfil related to the people certified in the different levels of the Anjana Data Official Certification, with a valid diploma and the opportunities registered with one year of validity. Each Tier has a series of benefits and advantages that include free access to the different levels of the Anjana Data Official Certification, specific Workshops carried out by our Partner Success team, Anjana Data licenses, PoC environments, preferences and blocking of specific opportunities and various Marketing actions.

In this way, we want to offer our Partners the possibility of scaling the Partnership relationship, defining the following Tiers:

  • Registered
  • Practitioner I
  • Practitioner II
  • Expert

Discover all the details of the Tiers in the new Anjana Data Partner Programme.

About the Author: Angela Miñana Francés