Anjana Data adds a new, more dynamic and intuitive Data Portal to its Data Governance solution

News, 10 May 2021 |

New version of Anjana Data includes new tools for organizations to extract the greatest possible value from data thanks to the operationalization of a proactive and preventive Data Governance. The improvements in this version revolve around the CORE Metamodel and the user experience. In addition, it includes new components and an improved and unified view.

In the previous version of Anjana Data (V4.1) we could already see an evolution towards a more intuitive and user-friendly design. However, V4.2 incorporates a new Data Portal that encompasses both the Business Glossary and the Data Catalog in a unified view incorporating improvements in both the semantic search engine and advanced dynamic filters. All this with the aim that users can find any data asset from the same UI and under the same UX.

We can also see an evolution of the Core Metamodel to incorporate new types of metadata attributes and new validation rules in dynamic forms for any object. The new version of Anjana Data also incorporates the ability to add multiple attachments of any format for any object, and major improvements in multilanguage support for dynamic forms.

New advanced capabilities for configuring and activating mechanisms to automate various data management tasks are also included.

Finally, some technical improvements have been developed in several of the back-end modules of the architecture, which results in better performance of the entire solution while providing greater ease of implementation and configuration of some of these modules.

*All information about Anjana Data v4.2 is available on the organizations website, by downloading Relase Notes – Anjana Data 4.2

Release Date: 2021/05/24


About the Author: Angela Miñana Francés