Webinar Summary: Minimal Data Governance, is it effective and how to do it?

The DATA-DRIVEN webinar series, 15 June 2020 |

On June 10, the webinar “Minimal Data Governance: is it effective and how to do it?” was held where Nicola Askham The Data Governance Coach, spoke about the implementation of data governance with little or no investment.

In this webinar of “The DATA-DRIVEN webinar series” we found out whether Data Governance on a shoe string can be effective and how to go about it. Here are some of the main points:

  • To talk about minimal data governance, we must be clear about these concepts:
      • Shoestring: A small or inadequate budget
      • Data Governance on a shoestring: A minimum approach to proactively managing data quality
      • Minimal Data Governance: A minimum approach to proactively managing data quality
  • What does that mean?
      • Just enough to say we’re doing it?
      • Enough to keep the regulator off our back?
      • Something that isn’t going to take much effort? 
  • Minimal Data Governance has to deliver real value to the organisation or there is no point in doing it. Benefits:
      • Improve efficiency – reduced costs
      • Accurate reporting – supporting decisions
      • Facilitate compliance
      • Protect reputation with customers and
      • suppliers
      • Enable strategy
      • Provide a single version of the truth
      • Enables safe innovation at pace
  • Design Your Framework
  • Select Your Deliverables
  • Can Minimal Data Governance Be Effective? Just Remember
      • Very focussed scope 
      • Do it properly 
      • Plan for the future

Nicola Askham also shared a Free Data Governance Checklist that gives you a high-level outline of the activities you need to complete in order to successfully design and implement a Data Governance Framework.

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About the Author: Angela Miñana Francés