Anjana Data and Grupo Santander offer the keys to the success of the Single Data Marketplace at the Data Management Summit 2021

Events, News, 17 March 2021 |

The first international edition of the Data Management Summit brings together more than 200 professionals focusing on new data management challenges. The DMS 2021 is an exclusive event for the data community in the technology landscape, where more talk about business solutions than technology platforms.

Mario de Francisco Ruiz, CEO of Anjana Data, participated in the round table on ‘Data Governance: The Heart of Data Management‘, and stressed the importance of Data Governance as the core of data management and the need for entities to implement data governance to become data-driven.

Other participants in the round table were Gonzalo Blanco (Risk Data Quality Senior Business Consultant (ABN Amro), Jason Hare (Data Governance and Information Security Governance Principal, CDMP®, CIP®, CSAP®, ITIL®), Mike Meriton (Co-Founder & COO – EDM Council), Stefano Miro (Co-Founder and Sales Manager at About Data Governance), Neah Mangal (Head of Enterprise Data Governance at A.P. Moller Maersk) and Robert S. Seiner, author of the book ‘Non-Invasive Data Governance: The Path of Least Resistance’, as moderator.

During the conversation, the focus has been on why the formal implementation of the data governance practice is vital for effective and efficient data management in an organization and the differences between Data Governance and Data Management have been detailed. On the other hand, the main challenges presented by the implementation of Data Governance in an organization and the need to adapt the governance of the data to the culture of the organization have been discussed. Finally, the participants of the roundtable have given some keys on how to measure both the correct implementation and the impact of a Government Data program.

In the words of Mario de Francisco, “the most complicated part of the implementation of data governance is to convince all stakeholders and participants that data governance will serve to make things easier and more agile in relation to the processing and use of data, just contrary to what most people normally think”

Another of the key points of the first day has been the conference of Alicia Jimeno Galán, Head of Data Governance at CTO Global of the Santander Group, who has participated in our slot Case Story with her conference ‘Data MarketPlace: the new way to do Data Governance‘.

During her presentation, Alicia Jimeno focused on the keys of the Santander Group to achieve success in the Single Data Marketplace. In this regard, it has highlighted the need for a data catalogue based on centralized metadata management, a broad understanding of the classification and organization of data in the organization and for multidisciplinary data expert teams. All this accompanied by technological solutions such as Anjana Data that provide the necessary tools to accompany the organization and its stakeholders in the change.

Anjana Data is the data governance solution for the Big Data, Multi Cloud and Data-driven era that helps organizations operationalize their data strategies through the implementation of a proactive and preventive Data Governance. 

Anjana Data launches its Official Certification in order to help organizations on their way to an effective and efficient Data Governance; giving the tools to be a solution for data management within entities, and not just a technological platform.

About the Author: Angela Miñana Francés